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LIPIOL BASE MAGRA (hydrating cream)

LIPIOL BASE MAGRA (hydrating cream)


HYDRATING AND PROTECTIVE- Glycerine, Vegetable Squalene

BALANCING AND SOOTHING- Vitamin E, Polidocanol, Safflower Oil

500 ml

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LIPIOL BASE MAGRA (hydrating cream)

for dry and dehydrated skin, also with atopic tendency

LIPIOL BASE MAGRA is a light hydrating and protective cream for the benefit of chronic, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.  It’s rich, but delicate formulation moisturizes and protects over a long period.  This specially designed formula retains water molecules, thereby improving and prolonging the moisturizing effect.  Modern silicones make the product pleasant to apply and ensure that it is absorbed rapidly, with a pleasant soft and silky touch.

Formulated for all dehydrated skin conditions, also conditions that are associated with great sensitivity which is constitutional in origin, ageing, frequent and harsh cleansing or dryness associated with dermatological  conditions. The treated areas thus regain their well-being and their natural equilibrium.

Hydrating, refreshing and protective formulation. 


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SYMPTOMS                                                           dry skin, desquamation, rough skin

DERMATOLOGICAL RECOMMENDATIONS               atopic skin, psoriasis, dryness caused by frequent, aggressive cleansers, dryness on extended areas, chronic dryness

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:          Apply once or several times a day, also in combination with specific treatments and massage into all areas of interest. Continue usage on a regular basis for prevention of dryness.

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